Charles Worthington coupons

I get a lot of hits to my shindig here via the key words “charles worthington coupons”. Here are resources that you can check to see if they are out there anywhere.
Check this link for an updated list of Sunday coupon inserts of all non-expired coupons. If no dice here, check this link for internet printables of coupons. You can always check his Web site for offers, but I don’t think there are many ever.  These are not the most popular coupons, unfortunately, but they do hook us up at least a time or two a year (as far as I’ve paid attention anyway).  Good luck!


Rite Aid scenario

This is what I’m doing tomorrow at Rite Aid:

1 Got2B Hair Spray $4.99 (stinks but works!)
2 Schick Razors $11.49
1 Charles Worthington Conditioner $5.99
1 Easy Off BBQ Cleaner $2.85

-$5 RA coupon
-2 $4 Schick coupons
-$.75 Easy Off coupon
-$11.99 SCR
=-$.42 +tax