Stock-up on cold meds for free

Rite Aid is great in Octobers. This week, especially. They’re practically giving away their cold medicine aisles. Just pay tax. Please look at the Rite Aid ad this week, get the free stuff…. like Chloraseptic, Children’s throat coolers, lip balm. Even if you don’t have coupons to make them moneymakers, who cares, just pay the tax on the stuff. Remember, Rite Aid’s rebates come in the mail but you can enter all your info online. I’m going to buy a lot of stuff. Pics to follow.


How I’ll make $2.19 at Rite Aid this week

I’ll be making several trips that cost nothing to Rite Aid this week.  Here’s what I’m starting out with:

2 Aveeno face products
1 Gillette Fusion razor
1 Crest with Scope
1 Sunday paper

=28.50 (includes tax)
-[1] $4 Gillette MFQ – coming out in 9/26’s Sunday paper
-[1] $1 Crest w/ Scope MFQ – coming out in 9/26’s Sunday paper
-[2] $2.00 Aveeno MFQs – from this link. After the first coupon prints, immediately press your Backspace (or Delete on a Mac) button.  A box may come up, press “Resend” and a second coupon will print.
-[2] $3.00 RAvvQs Found here after watching a short video
-$5/20 RAQ Found at video link above
-$5 Gillette SCR – Rite Aid will snail mail you a check
-$3 Aveeno SCR – Rite Aid will snail mail you a check
-$2.69 Crest SCR – Rite Aid will snail mail you a check

=-$2.19 MM

You can do this super easy trip too.  No previous coupon collection needed. Print out those necessary coupons and the Gillette and Crest coupons you can take from the paper before you buy it (they’re in the pink “P&G Brand Saver” insert).

*MFQ = manufacture coupon from Sunday Paper
*MM = moneymaker
*RAvvQ = Rite Aid Video Value Coupon
*SCR = Single Check Rebate, the name of RA’s rebate program (all info entered online!)

Killed it at Rite Aid

I wanted colored pencils for some pathetic doodles in my Moleskine (btw- you need one if you don’t have one. Seriously). When I hit up a CVS for the pencils on my lunch break, they were +$5.  That’s a bit steep for something I don’t actually need.  So I rolled them into a couponing trip along with some mascara that I really needed.  I ended up getting paid $11 for the the mascara, pencils and more by Rite Aid.

It took 3 separate trips, but here’s what I got:

2 packs of colored pencils

2 boxes of Kotex tampons, 36ct (thanks Eve)

3 Zyrtec, 30ct

1 Colgate toothpaste

1 pack of hair ties

1 Maybelline Great Lash mascara

2 Rubbermaid water bottles

1 Glade Scene and Spray, Clean Linen

So long story short, my total was $82.02, I used $51.00 in coupons and I will be getting $42.49 in rebates back in the mail.  82.02-51.00-42.49= -$11… $11 moneymaker.

I don’t have allergies but I needed to buy that Zyrtec for the rebates that created the moneymaker scenario. Pic below…. and I know my placemats that you see a little of are totally awesome.  I got them at South of the Border in Dillon, SC, “America’s Favorite Highway Oasis”.

Made $11 buying this stuff.

Made $11 buying this stuff.

Alright…. made some changes

It’s been awhile since I’ve paid attention to my poor, awesome blog.  But I’ve made a few changes… like the URL and the overall appearance to better reflect my style.  Yay.  Ok, have an awesome money maker scenario I’m getting ready to post in a little bit here.

Rite Aid scenario

This is what I’m doing tomorrow at Rite Aid:

1 Got2B Hair Spray $4.99 (stinks but works!)
2 Schick Razors $11.49
1 Charles Worthington Conditioner $5.99
1 Easy Off BBQ Cleaner $2.85

-$5 RA coupon
-2 $4 Schick coupons
-$.75 Easy Off coupon
-$11.99 SCR
=-$.42 +tax

Weak week for triple coupon shopping

One of my grocery stores is doing another triple coupon promotion starting today and ending in a week. They’ll triple any coupon up to $.99. Rumor has it that they’ll be doing it monthly as opposed to every 2nd-3rd month or so.
This was one of the more really, super not exciting rounds of tripling. I’m starting to think that they plan what items they put on sale during triples around what coupons/coupon amounts are out there, and not to the couponer’s benefit. Which is fine, it’s just getting boring.

This cost $7.

This cost $7.

♥ today's Rite Aid trip

I’ve made at least 5 this week, here is one of the more practical ones:

2 Loreal Skin Genesis face cleansers = $13.98
1 NovaMax meter = $9.99
2 Mentos gum = $2
Total= $25.97

Coupons I used:
$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon
$3/2 L’oreal face product coupon
2 – $1 Mentos gum coupons (makes them free)
Rebates I’ll get back:
$9.99 for the meter
$5.00 for buying $13 worth of L’Oreal

Grand total: $.98 or $.49 each for the cleansers! yay!