Earth Fare has deals too!

Earth Fare is a natural foods grocer here in the Southeast.  They have a number of locations.  I know the common perception of natural food grocers is how expensive they are, and they are for good reasons- which you can read about here.  But however expensive the grocers can be depends on how you shop there.  Earth Fare makes it very easy to frequent without coughing up much dough.  I have lunch there about 3 times a week because I can get a hearty bowl full of fresh vegetables for about $3 and a yummy bottle of tea for $1.  To boot, I use a coupon- or 2- for free products that they give out every week!  This week’s coupon is for a free bag of russet potatoes with ANY purchase.

Head to their Web site at, scroll down to the bottom where you can sign-up for the newsletter.  Every Wednesday you’ll get an awesome coupon for free this, or 50% off that.  Last week was a FREE pound of coffee and a FREE box of granola with ANY purchase.  To say I was on that like bees on honey is an understatement. How’s the honey bee population doing now anyway?

Earth Fare doesn’t stop there with their weekly coupons.  Every week they also TwitPic a bonus coupon.  You can either check their TwitPic feed for updates or follow them on Twitter and get the heads up.  You can use their Wednesday coupons-which are good for a week-at the same time as their TwitPic coupons-which are usually only good on Fridays.  That is a really inexpensive way to get your healthy food on!

Earth Fare also has some of the most spectacular customer service I have ever experienced.  I’ve told my twin up north about some of my service experiences with them and eventually she was so touched she fanned them on Facebook even though the closest one to her is hundreds of miles away.  Yeah you may get an angsty 20-something at the register here and there… but their upper management is second to none.

The record number of “Coexist” bumper stickers I’ve seen outside the Earth Fare I frequent most is 5, btw. Peace out.


How I develop strategies…

Wednesdays are when Harris Teeter (HT) ads drop, so I took a look at one yesterday. I’m like a kid in a candystore when I get a new store ad because I can’t wait to see what new and different deals there are.
When I get a new HT ad, here is how I crush it:
1. I quickly peruse through the ad from the first to the last page.
2. I start over and take a slower look at the ad. I look over the products and stop at the ones I have-or may have-a coupon for. Regular couponers pretty much know their coupons right off the bat. So, for instance, when I saw Arm & Hammer detergent was BOGO… this is what transpired:
a.) There is a coupon for that!
b.) HT charges 1/2 price for their BOGO items, so what is the price of 1 bottle of detergent?
c.) Sign on to HT Express Lane and find out the price. Doing this, I found that 1 bottle of detergent during the BOGO sale is $2.99.
d.) ROCK! Buy 1 at $2.99 and use the $1 coupon and I’m getting 32 loads of laundry for $1.99!

Another example: I noticed Mueller’s spaghetti noodles are 5/$5. So, they are $1/each. I know there were coupons for these in the past but I can’t recall if there are any right now. So I make my way to Taylortown where she maintains a list of all unexpired newspaper coupons. And there I see we have a Mueller’s pasta coupon for $.55/2 that came out earlier this month. HT doubles coupons up to $.99. This is how much the pasta will cost: Buy 2 (per coupon) = $2. $2-$.55(2)= $.90 for 2 boxes of the Mueller pasta. Not so bad!

So there’s a brief glimpse of how I crush a grocery store ad.

Weak week for triple coupon shopping

One of my grocery stores is doing another triple coupon promotion starting today and ending in a week. They’ll triple any coupon up to $.99. Rumor has it that they’ll be doing it monthly as opposed to every 2nd-3rd month or so.
This was one of the more really, super not exciting rounds of tripling. I’m starting to think that they plan what items they put on sale during triples around what coupons/coupon amounts are out there, and not to the couponer’s benefit. Which is fine, it’s just getting boring.

This cost $7.

This cost $7.

Recent Grocery Trip

So one of my grocery stores had a triple coupon promotion last week. I didn’t go all out for it but I was happy with what I got out of it for just a few coins.


This all cost $.36, including tax. There are 3 coupons there for a free gallon of milk too (3 gals total).