This is how you get free samples and freebies

Most love a freebie and here is how you can easily score free samples online with not very much effort.  The first thing I suggest you do is establish a junk E-mail address that you don’t mind getting spam to.  Sometimes getting a free sample requires that you sign up for their newsletter or whatnot.  Fine, whatever.

The next thing you should do is be aware of scams disguised as free samples.  It’s quite popular for E-mail harvesters/phishers to disguise their intent with an offer of free samples. I’m going to Google right now “Free Make Up Samples”.  So 494 million hits later, there is nothing but shady offers.  Here are key phrases/words you should avoid if you happen upon a free sample offer you’re interested in: “Complete Offers”, “Meet Program Requirements”, “Affiliate(s)”.  They are everywhere, just stay away.

One of the easiest and trustiest free sample sites is Wal-Mart’s page of free samples. Their stuff always comes and they switch out their samples practically daily. Every once in a while they’ll come with coupons too. I rarely shop at WalMart but I use that site as a freebies resource often.

The path of least resistance for free samples is hitting up a forum that just lists free samples. Here is my favorite. There, people do the work for you. If it’s a bad offer, people there will let you know so you can move on. Most smaller Web sites that lists freebies 8/10 times get their information from the exact Web site I just listed.

Another resource is P&G’s own Sample page. Obviously you have to sign up for their newsletter, but it’s actually sort of interesting. They don’t have a lot of samples-sometimes none-but they usually have coupons there to print out too.

Another P&G resource is It used to be just for moms but I’m not a mom and they accepted me, so anything goes I guess. They send all kinds of stuff to you in the mail. I can’t even keep track of everything they’ve sent me. The point is you go back to the Web site and let P&G know how you like what they sent. They’re looking for bona fide feedback.

Kraft First Taste is really pretty cool too. Like Vocalpoint, they want your feedback on the freebies they send you. About once a month you can expect something from them. I’m in the midst of a diet change, so their offers aren’t quite as useful to me, but still a great resource.

I’d suggest using your “real” E-mail address for Vocalpoint and Kraft. I trust they’re responsible with E-mail addresses and you have to stay on top of your E-mail from them for your offers.

There are so many other free samples out there but using the links here, you’ll have yourself covered well. What’s helpful is to set up a folder in your browser’s bookmarks labeled “Freebies” and put all these links in there. Check them all almost daily and you’ll score loads of freebies and coupons. Have fun


My trip to Rite Aid today: Spent $105, will get $125 back! [pic]

Rite Aid has been most generous in Octobers! This week is no exception. See pic below. I got paid $25.41 for all of that. Here is how it breaks down:
$105.27 = my total with tax
-$24 = coupons that I handed over
-$21.00 = Rebates I will get back for the Bee MD cough drops, and $20 for the Olay Regenerist
-$10 = Rebate from Procter & Gamble for spending +$30 in p&g products
-$55.68 = Rebates offered by Rite Aid on qualifying products.
-$20 = Rebate offered by RA for buying $100 worth of anything
Next week is supposed to shape up to offer just as many freebies! I am so thankful for Rite Aid. I just wish more of my friends and family were interested in saving like this as well… but it is a bit time consuming, just like any other hobby.

RAOct09  001

Stock-up on cold meds for free

Rite Aid is great in Octobers. This week, especially. They’re practically giving away their cold medicine aisles. Just pay tax. Please look at the Rite Aid ad this week, get the free stuff…. like Chloraseptic, Children’s throat coolers, lip balm. Even if you don’t have coupons to make them moneymakers, who cares, just pay the tax on the stuff. Remember, Rite Aid’s rebates come in the mail but you can enter all your info online. I’m going to buy a lot of stuff. Pics to follow.

How I’ll make $2.19 at Rite Aid this week

I’ll be making several trips that cost nothing to Rite Aid this week.  Here’s what I’m starting out with:

2 Aveeno face products
1 Gillette Fusion razor
1 Crest with Scope
1 Sunday paper

=28.50 (includes tax)
-[1] $4 Gillette MFQ – coming out in 9/26’s Sunday paper
-[1] $1 Crest w/ Scope MFQ – coming out in 9/26’s Sunday paper
-[2] $2.00 Aveeno MFQs – from this link. After the first coupon prints, immediately press your Backspace (or Delete on a Mac) button.  A box may come up, press “Resend” and a second coupon will print.
-[2] $3.00 RAvvQs Found here after watching a short video
-$5/20 RAQ Found at video link above
-$5 Gillette SCR – Rite Aid will snail mail you a check
-$3 Aveeno SCR – Rite Aid will snail mail you a check
-$2.69 Crest SCR – Rite Aid will snail mail you a check

=-$2.19 MM

You can do this super easy trip too.  No previous coupon collection needed. Print out those necessary coupons and the Gillette and Crest coupons you can take from the paper before you buy it (they’re in the pink “P&G Brand Saver” insert).

*MFQ = manufacture coupon from Sunday Paper
*MM = moneymaker
*RAvvQ = Rite Aid Video Value Coupon
*SCR = Single Check Rebate, the name of RA’s rebate program (all info entered online!)

Rite Aid scenario

This is what I’m doing tomorrow at Rite Aid:

1 Got2B Hair Spray $4.99 (stinks but works!)
2 Schick Razors $11.49
1 Charles Worthington Conditioner $5.99
1 Easy Off BBQ Cleaner $2.85

-$5 RA coupon
-2 $4 Schick coupons
-$.75 Easy Off coupon
-$11.99 SCR
=-$.42 +tax

Thankfully I love the Pike's Place roast…

at Starbucks as long as the kids behind the counter don’t slack off and make it taste like water with a hint of dirt and wood. In observance of Earth Week, Starbucks locations inside of Targets are giving away free coffee when you bring in your own mug through Saturday. I called ahead to confirm the one closest to me was participating. Indeed, so I’ve loaded up on Pike’s Place quite a bit this week, and it was for free and very good.
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