My trip to Rite Aid today: Spent $105, will get $125 back! [pic]

Rite Aid has been most generous in Octobers! This week is no exception. See pic below. I got paid $25.41 for all of that. Here is how it breaks down:
$105.27 = my total with tax
-$24 = coupons that I handed over
-$21.00 = Rebates I will get back for the Bee MD cough drops, and $20 for the Olay Regenerist
-$10 = Rebate from Procter & Gamble for spending +$30 in p&g products
-$55.68 = Rebates offered by Rite Aid on qualifying products.
-$20 = Rebate offered by RA for buying $100 worth of anything
Next week is supposed to shape up to offer just as many freebies! I am so thankful for Rite Aid. I just wish more of my friends and family were interested in saving like this as well… but it is a bit time consuming, just like any other hobby.

RAOct09  001


6 Responses to “My trip to Rite Aid today: Spent $105, will get $125 back! [pic]”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I love those heated pad things, best invention ever!

  2. ersatz02 Says:

    thats a lot of lip balm!

  3. ersatz02 Says:

    also you are probably prepared when someone gets sick

  4. Rachel Says:

    Those heat pads ARE awesome. I can’t believe the first time I ever used one was this year!
    That IS a lot of lip balm. Since I’m addicted, it’ll work out. Yup, prepared for sick. Bring it!

  5. Rachel Says:

    Oh and I love how COLDWAR is the name of one of the meds. Best. Name. Ever.

  6. maura Says:

    rite aid is definitely one of my favorite stores. i woke up at some weird hour today and saw a show on coupon crushing. some lady feeds her family of like, 6 people spending $4 a week! amazing. i thought of you. we should meet up soon so i can learn from the master!

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