Walgreen's Looks Fun This Week

Since I still don’t have a CVS GC in my hands, it’ll be a Walgreen’s and Rite Aid week.   I have a $5 off $25+ Walgreen’s coupon that is set to expire, so I think I’ll give it to them this week.   Here is how Walgreen’s will go for me tomorrow in 2 consecutive trips:

Trip 1

3 – Reynold’s Aluminum Foil 20ft.

1- Wal-itin Allergy Relief

1 – Chapstick True Shimmers

1 – New Skintimate Shave gel product

2 –  Scotts 4-roll TP

1 – Glade Trash Bags, 45ct, 30 gl.

1- Softsoap Body Wash


-$5/$25 WG’s coupon

-1 Walgreen’s Reynold’s Wrap store coupon

–  [3] $1 – Reynolds Wrap (excl 25 ft only), from 02/08 Sunday paper

– [2] $1- Scott Extra Soft TP, from Sunday paper

-$1-Glad Trash bags, IP

-$6.99 Wal-itin ESR (rebate)

=$8.64 out-of-pocket and I’ll get back $5.98 in store credits + a $3.99 coupon for another Softsoap Body Wash

Trip 2

$10 worth of Physicians Formula Organic Wear Make-up (a mascara and another item)

1- Softsoap Body Wash

1- Snuggle Fabric Softner Sheets, 80ct

=19.58 (let’s say my make-up comes to $11)

-$.50-Snuggle coupon

-$5.98 Register Rebate from Trip 1

-$3.99 Softsoap coupon from Trip 1

-$10 Physicians Formula Rebate from WG’s

-$5.99 Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara Rebate (I’m assuming the mascara will cost around $5.99)


Total for Trips 1 & 2 = $1.76

Pretty happy that we’re quite low on trash bags, fabric softner and TP (sort of) and I was able to work it in to a great Walgreen’s run this week.

Rite Aid won’t be nearly as thrilling and I haven’t planned a solid trip yet.


4 Responses to “Walgreen's Looks Fun This Week”

  1. Lana Says:

    ——– [3] $1 – Reynolds Wrap——–

    What does the [3] mean? You’re using 3 $1 coupons for the same item?

  2. itsafrugalthing Says:

    Yes ma’am. It worked out.

  3. Lana Says:

    What?!! Oh my where on earth do you find three of the same coupon? The Register girl doesn’t yell at you?

  4. Rachel Says:

    LOL! Nah. Some stores, like my grocery store, will only let you use 3 of the same coupon in a transaction. Walgreen’s does not, or at least they aren’t strict about it.

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