iTunes Price Hike Begins April 7

According to the LA Times, iTunes is tossing their $.99 flat-rate pricing strategy in favor of a “variable pricing” one on April 7.  Individual songs will now fall into 1 of 3 price ranges: $.69, $.99 or $1.29 if you’re eying a really popular humdinger.

I recently received a $15 iTunes GC in the mail from a Colgate sweepstakes but I haven’t used it yet;  I’ve been waiting for this price change to kick into gear.  I’m hoping that the songs I want will fall into the $.69 catagory.  *fingers crossed*

I doubt this would affect any offering of free downloads, which are sometimes wonderful.  Here’s a blog called Free iTunes Downloads that keeps pretty good track of what’s available for free on iTunes.  Someone’s gotta do it.


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