It's Rite Aid This Week

The drugstores are pretty boring this week, except for Rite Aid.  Such a shame, as I remember a year ago having a blast watching the freebies accumulate.  Maybe it’s the economy.  I’ll hit up Rite Aid at the least, as I’ll be making some money to shop there this week (see below).  I’m holding off on CVS until a giftcard from my debit card’s reward program comes in the mail.  Otherwise I’d have to pay a little out-of-pocket for stuff I don’t need and that’s nonsense.

Rite Aid will go like this:

3 – Synovium gel inserts

2 – Vitamin Shampoo + Conditioner (BOGO)

2 – Kotex female stuff


-$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon

-$2-Synovium coupon

-$2-Synovium coupon

-$2-Synovium coupon

-$10 RA Synovium Rebate

-$1 Kotex coupon

-$1 Kotex coupon

-$1 RA Kotex Rebate

-$6.99 Vitamin Shampoo Mail in Rebate


So a $3 moneymaker for me after I buy those things and my rebate checks come in the mail.  I hope my husband finds gel inserts useful.


3 Responses to “It's Rite Aid This Week”

  1. Tangee Says:

    Rachel – WONDERFUL – only suggestion is that maybe you should add details or links to where you can find the coupons you are using. Great job!

  2. ericamia Says:

    what a fun idea!! i’ve seen other’s who do similar blogs and have always thought it was neat!

  3. Lana Says:

    Oh wow, where were these coupons? In the Sunday paper?

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